Hayley Lim
Art Director & Designer

Artur Beterbiev - Shorts & Gloves 

Artur Beterbiev is the Unified Light Heavyweight World Champion of Boxing. With 20 straight wins by way of knockout and zero defeats, he currently holds the IBF, WBC and WBO titles.

Beterbiev hails from the Chechen region of Russia and currently lives and trains in Montreal, Quebec, home of boxing gear company, Rival.

The design of his boxing shorts and gloves for the Beterbiev vs. Smith match features custom lettering that was inspired by traditional male and female Chechen attire, specifically the sharp tips of Shashka blades and the decorative and pointed metal chest pieces worn outside of gowns. The design’s intention is to match his fearsome boxing prowess and also nod to his cultural heritage.

The arched shape of the custom lettering also references traditional boxing graphic cues and allows for placement of sponsor logos at the bottom of the shorts. Thin lines anchor the pointed shapes on both pieces and help guide the eye along the curve of the Rival gloves and the angle of the shorts.


Design, Lettering & AD by Hayley Lim

Photos by Raphael Ouellet
Boxing Gear by Rival
Product Designer: Luc-Vincent Ouellet