Hayley Lim
Art Director & Designer

The Phoenix Experience

For the release of Charlotte Cardin's first album "Phoenix," we created a one-hour livestream concert in which viewers can experience the rich visual universe of the album based upon the story of the phoenix and the process of destruction in order to be reborn.

The show won the ADISQ prize for Anglophone Show of the Year 2021.


Starring: Charlotte Cardin, Mathieu Sénéchal, Benjamin Courcy

Event Producer: Cult Nation
Executive Producer: Jason Brando, Laurie Chouinard, Alexandre Auray
Creative Director: Jason Brando
Event Agency: The Agency Feldman
Musical Direction: Mathieu Sénéchal, Jason Brando
Producer: Smith

Directed: Sebaztian
Artistic Direction: Maddy Denley, Hayley Lim
Original Concept: Jason Brando, Hayley Lim, Maddy Denley, Ugo Martinez,
Christophe Dalpé, Sebastien Dugay, Charlotte Cardin
Cinematographers: Christophe Dalpé, Sebaztian

Staging and Scenography: Jason Brando, Sebaztian, Charlotte Cardin, Louisa Schabas
Lighting Design and Projections: Christophe Dalpé
Sound Engineers: Francis Major, Nicolas Roberge
Script: Jason Brando, Hayley Lim, Ugo Martinez, Sebastien Dugay, Maddy Denley

1st AC: Martin Lebel, Dominic Lapointe
2nd AC: Marc Lemieux
Steadicam Operators: Kes Tagney, Benoit Gauthier
Photographer: Gaëlle Leroyer
Gaffers: Marco Venditto, Pierre Daudelin
Music Director: Mathieu Sénéchal  
Sound Engineer: Francis Major
Sound Design/Editing: Theo Porcet, Francois Belanger
Set Painters: Atelier Kaotique
Set Dressers: Kate Ray Stuthers, Eric Young
Stylist: Maddy Denley
Graphic Design: Hayley Lim

Awards: ADISQ 2021 - Virtual Show of the Year