Hayley Lim
Art Director & Designer

Studio du Soleil

The Studio du Soleil is Cirque du Soleil's in-house design agency. Cirque is the sun at its center, the light and energy that inspires the birth of new ideas, opportunities, networks and audiences.

The logo is composed of 8 suns that represent the 8 minutes it takes for sunlight to reach the earth. The center of our 8 suns are different sizes, representing the pupil of an eye that dilates with excitement and amazement at the SDS and CDS shows.

Studio du Soleil Helveesti Variable was chosen as the main font because of its slightly accented characteristics reminiscent of the Cirque du Soleil brand. The color palette is minimal, using primarily black and white to represent the contrast between light and shadow.


Creative Direction:JS Baillat
Art Direction: Hayley Lim
Design: Gabriel Cance, Emma CV, Guillaume Proteau-Langlois

Project Manager: Samuel Gavreau des Aulniers