Hayley Lim
Art Director & Designer

Milk & Bone - Chrysalism

Milk & Bone’s album Chrysalism marks a departure into an unmistakably pop-forward territory. Its evocative title refers to the feeling of tranquility that comes with being indoors during a thunderstorm, privy to the drama while remaining somewhat removed and untouched.

The cover is a visual representation of the duality between the two singers which is a core element of their music. The use of negative space creates a sense of balance and harmony between the two figures. High contrast and shadows add depth to the image and emphasize the juxtaposition of soft and hard elements.

The back cover design is a stark contrast from the minimalist front cover, featuring an ultra-colourized sticker system with illustrations for each track. The explosive colour choices and playful drawings represent the duo’s synth-led music, their enthralling vocal harmonies and the topics of love, longing and heartbreak covered in the album.


Creative Direction & Photography: Lian Benoit
Design: Hayley Lim
Illustrations by Zuy Len

Milk & Bone: Camille Poliquin & Laurence Lafond- Beaulne

Label: Bonsound
Label Manager: Jérémie Pelletier
Marketing Manager: Hugo Jeanson
Visual Content Producer: Santiago Orozco