Hayley Lim
Art Director & Designer


To announce the new visual identity of Locomotive, a digital design agency based in Montreal, Baillat Studio produced a manifesto video that cryptically reveals the agency's leitmotif: "Design and Code are only tools". The new brand image is built in front of the viewers as two printers, one 3D and the other paper, print glyphs related to the world of ferociousness and Montreal, central elements of the new identity. These glyphs are also staged in typographic animations and by projections on humans.


Video Direction and Production: Baillat Studio
Creative Direction: JS Baillat (Baillat), Dust Leblanc (Locomotive), Frederic Marchand (Locomotive)
Art Direction: Hayley Lim (Baillat Studio), Isabel Moranta (Locomotive)
Design: Gabriel Cance (Baillat)
3D: Sindre Ulvik Péladeau
Motion: Jacob Newnham (Baillat), Catherine Camiré (Locomotive), Romane Bechu (Baillat)
Producer: Maxime Moulin
Project manager: Samuel GDA
Filming: Martin Laporte and Baillat Studio
Music: The Holy
Brand : Tomorrow Creative Services and Locomotive, supported by Baillat Studio