Hayley Lim
Art Director & Designer

Terrasse RoseOrange

RoseOrange is the new summer terrace of the A5 group. Enthroned at 44th Place Ville-Marie, the RoseOrange terrace takes its name and its graphic identity from the sunsets over which the terrace offers a breathtaking view. Built around gradients ranging from pink to orange, the identity is centered around an elegant serif energized by a play on counter-forms.

The graphic environment uses fun partitioning of gradients in order to create evolving patterns. The result is an identity that is both refined and festive, an invitation to celebrate the summer heat, cocktail in hand. 


Art Direction & Design: Hayley Lim

Studio: Baillat Studio
CD: JS Baillat

Animation: Jacob Newnham
Website: Samuel Charpentier
Project Manager: Samuel Gavreau des Aulniers