Hayley Lim
Art Director & Designer

StillBitter Lemonade Co.

When life gives you lemons, make some really f*cking sour lemonade. StillBitter Lemonade Co. is a no sugar, ultra bitter lemonade drink whose branding is as sour as its origin story. Everyone can relate to heartbreak and unhealthy relationships. Through branding, we wanted to show that brands don’t have to be impersonal, they can actually be really, really personal. The design and copy go hand and hand with delivering raw, emotional, and bold visuals based on the founder’s toxic relationships.

We turned every aspect of a lemonade brand into an opportunity to weave a story that was intense but relatable. Wearing its heart on its sleeve, quite literally with its packaging, StillBitter shows the emotional intensity of processing trauma and encouraging women to tell their stories.

The type was selected because of its bold and unapologetically dramatic traits: tall letters and sharp, pointed serifs. The art direction of the photography is emotional, raw, just slightly too saturated and sometimes cropped in too much to give the effect of being a little unhinged.

Lemon-Aid, StillBitter’s launch event (complete with a lemon-shaped disco ball) was created to celebrate passing through hard times and turning negative experiences into positive ones, all the profits of the event were donated to organization Le Chainon who help women in difficult situations.

Revenge is a drink best served cold.


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design and Copywriting - Hayley Lim

Producers: Neila Aoudia, Miquela Houle, Carolan Gregoire
Photography: Alexi Hobbs
Retouching: Beatrice Munn
DOP: Christophe Sauvé
Gaffer: Tom Berthelot
Editing: Henry Acteson & Theo Porcet
Sound Editing: Theo Porcet
Talent: Ariadna Contreras, Miquela Houle
MUA & Hair: Ella Ruby
3D: Sam Gauvreau des Aulniers